Marcie and Me educational playgroups are designed to offer children the opportunity to learn through creative, unique learning experiences while moms have the opportunity to build long lasting friendships. Please explore our site to learn more about the excitement of The Marcie and Me experience.

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Here are a few of the latest posts from Marcie’s Blog

School for Twos?

Drop off Pressures   In recent years, mothers have experienced an incredible pressure to send off their toddler to a ‘Drop Off” program. Most of this pressure is self -created stemming from the following fears: My child will fall behind … Continue reading


Cognitive Control

As parents, we strive to offer our children opportunities with the goal of helping them reach their full potential. We are drawn to the latest child rearing techniques, scour parenting articles, Google experts and purchase products promising all sorts of … Continue reading


Marcie and Me Play Program & Materials are Available!

Share the fun and excitement of the Marcie & Me program with friends and family who may not have the opportunity to attend the class through the Marcie & Me DVD and CD

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Marcie’s New Book is Here!

Parenting with Awareness is a book written by Marcie Schwartz that blends old age wisdoms, new age concepts and current child development research to create a unique approach to parenting which honors the integrity of childhood.

This must read for both new and experienced parents alike

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