Marcie and Me educational playgroups are designed to offer children the opportunity to learn through creative, unique learning experiences while moms have the opportunity to build long lasting friendships. Please explore our site to learn more about the excitement of The Marcie and Me experience.

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Marcie and Me Play Program & Materials are Available!

Share the fun and excitement of the Marcie & Me program with friends and family who may not have the opportunity to attend the class through the Marcie & Me DVD and CD

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Marcie’s New Book is Here!

Parenting with Awareness is a book written by Marcie Schwartz that blends old age wisdoms, new age concepts and current child development research to create a unique approach to parenting which honors the integrity of childhood.

This must read for both new and experienced parents alike

-> Visit ParentingWithAwareness.net

The Cindy Cobb Puckett
Scholarship Fund

Cindy Cobb Puckett The Cindy Cobb Puckett Scholarship fund offers families financial assistance in order to enjoy the opportunity to attend the Marcie and Me Play program. Marcie and Me is honored to offer this scholarship in Cindy’s name to keep her spirit alive through all the children who will benefit from attending our program.

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Mothers are instinctive philosophers!

Trusting Your Mother’s Intuition

“There is no instinct like that of the heart.” – Lord Byron The word intuition means “to perceive directly without reasoning.” The biological and emotional connection you have with your child offers you an innate intuition stronger than you can … Continue reading


Always Do Your Best

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.”  –Rumi The idea of always having to do your best may feel overwhelming. But before you begin to feel overwhelmed understand that doing your best means … Continue reading


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