mittensUnless your little one’s mittens are attached to a string, chances are by the end of the season you’ll end up with at least one pair missing its mate. The ideas below also work well for mismatched socks too.

Bean Bag Mittens or Socks: Sensory fun, gross motor (throwing/ catching)


What you will need:

Any type of beans

Glue gun


Plug your glue gun in to heat up.

Fill the mitten or sock with the beans leaving ½ inch to the top of the mitten or sock.

Glue the top together securely so none of the beans escape. (Over glue so that none of the beans can escape in order for it to not be a choking hazard).

Texture Mittens or Socks: Sensory fun, color recognition, matching, language

What you will need:

A variety of fabric scraps of varying textures. Sandpaper and bubble wrap is also good.

Trace the shape of your mitten onto the piece of fabric you want to use so that it fills the palm’s surface. If you are using socks, lay them on the fabric to trace the foot.

Use your glue gun to attach the fabric to the palm side of the mitten.

You can turn this sensory fun into a matching game if you use the same fabric on different mittens.

*Note: At the end of the season, mittens will be inexpensive at discount stores. Pick up a few pairs to create the above toys.