Parent Coaching Philosophy:

My philosophy as a parent coach is rooted in the belief that every child is born with the birthright to endless potential and infinite possibilities. Your role as a parent is to inspire and guide your child to achieve her full potential. In order to do this one has to understand and respect each child’s uniqueness while honoring the integrity of childhood. 

Parenting, no matter how exhausting or frustrating it feels, will require you to rise to the situation and grow and learn in the process. As a parent, you are offered a way to test every aspect of who you are and what you stand for over the course of the next twenty-plus years. This school of parenting will test your patience and values, question your decision-making abilities, challenge your strengths, and play on your weaknesses.  

My goal is to support you through the process so that you enjoy this amazing journey called parenthood. As a parent coach I will offer constructive strategies of parenting based on an in depth awareness of your child’s unique spirit.

A Parent Coaching Session:

As a parent, you are truly your child’s first teacher and life-long coach. My role as a parent coach is short term, helping you to navigate specific areas in your parent-child relationship that are causing you or your child stress and dis-harmony. These can include; fostering positive sibling or peer relationships, encouraging developmental milestones such as potty training or separation,  fostering self-esteem and independence, educational placement that supports your child’s innate spirit and learning style. Improving your daily interactions to be more enjoyable by resolving negative behavior patterns while encouraging positive ones.


Teaching for over thirty years has offered me the precious opportunity to experience life through the eyes, rhythm and open hearts of thousands of children. My expertise has come from professional training and objective observation of thousands of children navigating their personal journeys. My role as teacher and parent coach allows an emotional freedom that parenthood doesn’t offer. It provides an objectivity to arrive at solutions to problems without the emotional conflict that parenting creates.


  • Parent Coaching 1 hour: $80
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