An Innovative Parenting book by Marcie!

Parenting with Awareness

Enlightening Our Children and Ourselves Through New Age Wisdoms, Hands on Activities and Guided Conversation

Parenting with Awareness blends old age wisdoms, new age concepts and current child development research to create a unique approach to parenting which honors the integrity of childhood.

Whether you are a new parent just embarking on your parenting journey or a seasoned parent, these ideas will present a new way to explore life and approach parenting that will create children who are self-empowered, self-disciplined and self-motivated. Parenting from these principles will encourage and permit  children to live in their own pace, driven by their own passions and dreams, while not trying to fit a patterned mold of conformity.

Brain research has proven that children learn through experimentation. This book offers playful ways to teach children to embrace life with all of its wonder and potential through hands-on creative, fun activities designed for ages five and above. These inspiring projects coincide with guided conversations that will teach children self-awareness and self-reliance. They will also offer opportunities to develop the essential qualities of trust; intuition, passion, gratitude, confidence, compassion, courage, morality and patience as they strive to become successful, compassionate human beings.

Children are born with open minds and hearts. They are eager to learn all that we have to teach. If we allow them to explore new ideas and assimilate the ones they resonate to, they will become empowered to create their own destiny. They will begin to appreciate their own uniqueness and value that in others. They will see the similarities in the human spirit and build respect for each other’s differences. This is founded in the hope of creating the understanding that we are all in search of the same things on this journey called life – unconditional love, happiness and peace.



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