Parent Child Class – 13-17 month old – Fall 2017


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Class Description

Free Play: Children in this age group are on the go. Free play allows them to use their newly acquired motor skills to move about the room interacting with the variety of learning centers and developmentally appropriate materials.

Art: As children are still placing things in their mouth, art materials used are always eatable products such as yogurt or baby food.

Circle Time: During circle children are encouraged to move, dance and come get their props on their own. The pace is designed to be quick in order to accommodate their short attention span and active curiosity.

Snack time offers children the opportunity to practice sitting in chairs, self -help skills and table manners. While eating, they are learning to focus their attention on the teacher at the front of the class leading a variety of songs and activities. Language development is stimulated through the repetition of songs, finger plays, and listening to a theme based storybook.

Closing time gets those little bodies up and moving in a marching band, parachute play and bubbles. Children are offered a theme based hand stamp to remind them of their fun at Marcie and Me throughout the day.

Additional information

Dates Wednesday, September 6th, 2017, Thursday, September 7th, 2017


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