Parent Child Class – 24-36 month old – Fall 2017


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Class Description

With language development and more self -control, children are capable of focusing their attention for longer periods of time.

Free Play Children of this age are capable of staying at a learning center with focused attention. They are able to complete puzzles, art projects and express themselves with their emerging language. Imagination begins to develop and children are often seen role playing in the kitchen area, taking care of babies, or fixing things at the tool bench.Friendships are beginning to form as children move from parallel play to interacting with each other.

Art: Children are no longer exploring with their mouths so art materials include paint and glue offering children the opportunity to make something to bring home.Projects involving planning and several steps to complete are introduced.

Clean up becomes an fun activity as children gladly participate in this process. Little helpers hear the “clean up song” and instantly begin to carry toys and buckets of materials into the storage area. This transition teaches cooperation and team -work.

Circle time incorporates old favorites as well as new songs that encourage following directions, body awareness and group cooperation.

Snack time incorporates favorite songs and a weekly themed story book. It expands to include a “letter of the week” designed to build vocabulary. “Mr. weather bear” who teaches children to be aware of their surroundings, and  attendance which fosters self- awareness, confidence and socialization.

Closing Activities: Our closing activities remain consistent throughout our program preparing children to anticipate the difficult process of saying goodbye. These include a marching band, parachute play, bubbles and a hand stamp.



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Dates Wednesday, September 6th, 2017, Friday, September 8th, 2017


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