Parent & Child Class – 8-12 month old – Fall 2017


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Class Description

Incorporating ½ hour of free play exploration and ½ hour of a dynamic circle time.

Between 8-12 months infants are sitting up and beginning to explore their world through their senses.

During free play, babies will be given ample opportunity to explore our unique weekly theme based learning centers. This offers babies the opportunity to stimulate and challenge their emerging skills through a variety of materials.

Free play also offers moms the opportunity to socialize, ask questions, and share information. Many long lasting friendships have originated at Marcie and Me.

Circle time features Marcie and Me original music and old time favorites. All songs incorporate props fostering movement and language stimulation.

A consistent closing time incorporates parachute play and bubbles.

Because children at this age explore with their mouths, extra effort is taken to keep toys and materials washed before and after class.

Additional information

Dates Friday, September 8th, 2017


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